It’s important for a project to have one global mission. This will be the main vector for all actions within a project. And if an action brings it closer to realizing the missions' realization, then it's the right action. The Givetime.io project will always have a mission: "Extending the full life of human beings with the help of science and medicine".
We should highlight exactly the full, i.e. active life of a human being. It's worth noting that for the realization of this mission, the main levers will be science and medicine.
In case it will be necessary to invent new industries to analyze and influence the human body, we will do it.

NEWS 05/2022

HelloSince the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I, as the owner of the project, was forced to temporarily relocate from Kharkiv. The office was destroyed by two missile strikes. Perhaps I'll tell about it in an interview at some point. However, we are getting into a work routine, showing resilience and supporting our country, victory will be ours. 
The purpose of this article is to describe the significant changes in the project, the roadmap, and the positioning of the project on the market.   It is best to start with the most important, the overall goals of the project haven't been changed. They remain the same. Also, the formulation of the project can be changed on the mission, that is, the meaning of the existence of the project is to increase the human lifespan at all age stages. This is something that will always be a priority when choosing one or another solution for the development of the project. 
It is also a high-priority strategic goal to increase life expectancy by 10 years. This can be met by indicators of life expectancy, which is measured in every country, and is an important indicator of the level of medicine, the reverence for the health of each individual, and the level of involvement of scientific progress in working on human bodies and influencing them.
The economic model remains the same: it is a non-profit organization whose goal is primarily to realize its mission, not to make a profit from its activities. This suggests that the organization's services and products will cost money, and a lot of it, but these funds will go toward the further development of science applications in the medical field, as well as in the creation of a solid financial foundation for all project participants in the form of salaries, guarantees, and insurance. All of the organization's general economic data will be public in order to pursue the principles of blockchain and cryptocurrencies - when the entire system is transparent to anyone who wants it.

Our roadmap has changed. These are global changes that will allow the project to move rapidly toward its goals. These changes are made on the basis of practical data that we have received for previous periods of development.  
We have a shift in the timeline for changing life expectancy. The achievability and implementation of general and intermediate steps toward this goal were assessed. 
We have the DEX market volume fixed - we no longer issue tokens to the market, until the token goes on the exchanges. It gives conditions for the market to work only with the token pool that we have - it will be about 2,300,000 GTM. That is, from the current moment the market will be the same in volume as it is now, and we won't be adding tokens from the owner's wallet. Yes, existing participants can sell their tokens, but there are not that many, or rather few, and our marketing strategy will definitely make the demand greater than the supply. There will be new willing buyers entering the market who won't be satisfied with Private sales.
The project returns to the Private Sales stage (in startups, this stage is called pre-seed). This will make it possible to obtain the necessary funds for the effective promotion of the project on its roadmap. Plus, we have made good progress at this stage, which gives us confidence in a future successful stage as well.
The exit to cryptocurrency exchanges with the token will be made at Stage 3. It is expected that this will happen in 1 year, and will be implemented only after achieving the previous tasks and stages, which were described in the roadmap. Output will be immediately on the 3-4 major exchanges of English-speaking orientation. At the same time there will be a full-fledged DEX token market. An important indicator and result is the presentation of the project's products, and then the market entry. 
The project has a pro-Ukrainian position. Glory to Ukraine, Glory to the Heroes!
The project changes its positioning from cryptocurrency in the medical sector, to a scientific and medical project with cryptocurrency. This will affect its development and priority in marketing, as well as its positioning. 
All existing changes are the results of an objective assessment of the current situation with the project. How to develop it properly, how to get the right resources to implement the tasks.  
We understand very well how big the difference is between Givetime.io and other cryptocurrency projects, in which the implementation of the roadmap remains in the virtual world, which is certainly much cheaper, but also has much lower impact on the entire humanity. As the priority of life, high-quality life, for everyone will increase every year, Givetime will be an active and weighty participant in this process.
Stay tuned! Founder Alexander Movchan