Private sale

1. Description

The project returns to the Private Sales stage (in startups, this stage is called pre-seed). This will make it possible to obtain the necessary funds for the effective promotion of the project on its roadmap. Plus, we have made good progress at this stage, which gives us confidence in a future successful stage as well.

2. Tasks of a private sale

Budget collection for the implementation of the first 3 steps of the roadmap. For implementation, we need 1,000,000 USDT

3. Stage conditions

- Private sale is carried out in packages, to request details, send a request. Minimum package 2500$- Investor evaluation is carried out according to closed parameters and it will be necessary to answer a number of questions for acceptance

4. Security

An important stage of protection against scammers and scam projects.- We will pass the founder's KYS - all data is confirmed- We have an open team and a founder - you can check all the data yourself- We have an established community - which confirms the trust
Important: All financial issues should be discussed only using the official mail of the project. (oi.emitevig%40ofni)

5. Investment prospects

Investment strategy for 1 year
According to our modest estimates, the achievement of all the goals and the perfect presentation of the product, together with the instrumental community, will increase the demand for the project and, consequently, for the token, at the time of entering the exchange 80-120 times. This will be the first significant point of profit taking for investors.

Investment strategy for 5 years
But there is also the further development of the project and, consequently, the release of the product to the market and the development of the next most important stages of the project - which can be from 3-5 years, but have a tremendous growth of both the token and the project as a whole. (in the internal strategy, this is a 5000-10000 increase in the value of the token)

6. How to start ?

Fill out the private sale application form. We will contact you.

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For all questions about participation in the private sale of tokens, you can write to the mail: oi.emitevig%40ofni