It’s important for a project to have one global mission. This will be the main vector for all actions within a project. And if an action brings it closer to realizing the missions' realization, then it's the right action. The Givetime.io project will always have a mission: "Extending the full life of human beings with the help of science and medicine".

We should highlight exactly the full, i.e. active life of a human being. It's worth noting that for the realization of this mission, the main levers will be science and medicine.

In case it will be necessary to invent new industries to analyze and influence the human body, we will do it.


The main tasks of the project in the near future are detailed in the White Paper. They consist of combating the most common problems that prevent people from living longer and doing activities. 
First and foremost, based on WHO data, is the fight against cardiovascular diseases, they make up the lion's share of the causes of death and deterioration of the quality of life of people. If you try to put it in a nutshell, it's strokes and heart attacks. We believe that current science is capable of talking about the human condition in detail, giving important information on the likelihood of problems and giving signals on preventive methods of avoiding such occurrences. 

Relevance of the objectives

In assessing referrals, we looked at WHO data. To illustrate the reliability of our plan, here is the data on mortality:


All mass causes are our enemies. And we will move methodically to push them back years and years in the future by preventing such causes of death in general.

In our White Paper it’s detailed that the budgets allocated to medicine and to the treatment of such cases in a number of countries. That confirms the enormous urgency of preventing such diseases, the possibility of allocating a large budget to solve problems at the state level. This information should be interesting for potential investors and active participants of the community, because there's a great demand from the community all over the world. And we believe that the current level of work on these problems can be higher. 

Creation Idea

The world is changing, automatization, robotization of production and work in general is taking place, humanity is preparing to send missions to Mars. The resource of time is gaining more and more relevance with the solution of everyday problems. Every person on Earth has something to do within their purpose, hobbies, interests - but there is often not enough time, people always need more of it.

The mission of the Givetime.io project is to give every person on Earth more time for life, their activities and hobbies. We feel everyone's future needs, we try to be ahead of all future important events in everyone's life. Every life has its end, it's impossible to argue with this. But there's an opportunity to work productively for the continuation of the duration of the active and quality life. This is our vision of the project and its mission.

It's in the human genes not to think about his future death, it gives an opportunity not to think about it every day, and therefore to live a normal life. But at the same time this plays a bad joke on the relevance of assessing the importance of managing the situation with one's life. That's why we put this task on ourselves. We're the ones who work on solving problems before they arise in each individual case, we also set the task of raising the relevance and importance of the possibility of medicine in the present moment in all countries. We believe that any amount of money in the bank will be less in value than the last year for a person, except that when a person has to think about it, no one offers such a solution. We're going to ask these questions in time, give the person the opportunity to make the decision and the choice. That's what Givetime.io is all about.  

A nonprofit organization

Givetime.io follows the model of a non-profit organization. This means that the main goal of the project is not to make a profit. It means that we're working for results.
This form of organization will give an opportunity to effectively reinvest everything that will be made in the course of its activities in the development of the project. That means that all the profits from the sale of services and goods of the project will be used for research, tests, purchase of new technologies and companies that can strengthen the project.

We also see an important part of the success of the project in the financial security of important employees. Therefore, this will be a strategic task: to provide the most effective environment for each employee. And the company's principle of transparency will give a fair assessment of the actions of each employee and project participant.

The community is the foundation of the project

In today's world, it's necessary to allocate especially important resources for the success of the implementation. We see a future community that shares our values, understands our mission, and fully desires rapid and meaningful progress. This is a huge opportunity to build all the circumstances for the maximum result in any country.

Every great company owes it to the community for supporting it, using its products or services. The market creates unicorns when they offer the best or completely new solution in the circumstances.

Our community growth strategy is laid out in our Roadmap as a separate and very important point. We have to be clear to everyone, we have to communicate the value of the future to everyone.   

About the big private round

When evaluating the Roadmap, its large volume, it was decided to implement a large private round. Which will involve the necessary amount of resources for realization of primary tasks, till the moment of an exit on large crypto-exchanges in full value.

As you can see from the Roadmap, the exit to the exchanges is planned for Spring 2023. That indicates a minimum investment period of 1 year. But with the help of serious coverage of activities, involvement of big media to the project, we have a sustainable plan for implementation and success with a high probability. At the moment of the realization of this sale period in private mode, we have a planned program of development and reasoning of all approaches, technologies and research that will realize the first set of tasks for the project Givetime.io.

The future of the project

The Roadmap program is drawn up until the middle of 2024. But already in a year and a half we will have an adjustment for a more detailed plan for the next 5-10 years of the project's activity. This will make it possible to determine the future direction of the project, as well as to assess the impact of the project on medicine, science, and society as a whole.

We see a successful project, where the basic means in the form of money have a much lower priority, after the development of space and its resources, after the robotization of production. Where a person will already be given basic living conditions when born, but medicine and technology will always be in demand, as they tend to change significantly every 3-5 years in developed countries. 

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